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New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Hello everyone,

This is to let you know that I am in the process of transferring Susan's entire site ( a major project) over to a new webhost...Geocities, the former host, is closing down and all the pages are to be deleted effective October 26th. The new website address is
http://www.susanhaywardclassicfilmstar.com...it is under construction but you can take a look at the progress as you wish...in the meantime the current pages will still be online until 10/26.

I think the url: susanhaywardactress.com will take you directly to the new site also effective 10/26.. in the meantime, that particular url will take you to the current- Ginger's Susan Hayward Homepage.

Just givin' you a heads up.

you can also click the website url below to follow the progress of the new site.

ALSO: This message board is separate from the actual homepage hosting, so I will just link the message board to the new site -- however, it might be a good idea, if you haven't already, to just save this message board url/page to your favorites...you can bypass the homepage to get to the board if you want ---this is just in case I get into some trouble transferring everything over before deletion of the original site, then we can still meet up on the message board --I'm not anticipating that, but just covering my bases.

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

What a mammoth undertaking. I remain in awe of your expertise and dedication Ginger.

Hoping all goes well with the transfer process and I have saved this page as recommended in case..


Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

I salute you Ginger, I am sure the new site will be awesome and we "ALL" owe it to you. I can hardly wait. Thanks a million.

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Thanks, Kerry, and Ray... it will pretty much be the same as the current site, except I'll do some tweaking and correcting of links along the way. I'm just glad I didn't overlook the email telling me that this was going to be happening. Otherwise, I would have awakened on the morning of Oct. 26th, and the site would be gone. I would have been completely devastated.

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Hi Ginger...and thanks for giving us the news of the change over. I know you have a lot of work to do on this site...but there has been something that I have wondered about, and now am even more concerned about it,
since this will be a complete change over for everything

On...SUSAN HAYWARD PHOTO GALLERY (which is the large amount of pictures I gave to you for this site)..there
has been a notice there for a very long time, saying that GALLERY'S XII..XIII..XIV....are not able to be seen
and that they would be up and running...soon.

PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG OR TAKE OFFENSE TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO ASK...but if you are moving EVERYTHING over...will those pictures, I gave you, be saved and eventually be seen on the site again...OR...are they gone..forever?

I would hate to have all of those shots in those galleries be lost...so just checking to see if they are safe and will be back with us some day.

Hope you understand my concern on this.

Much Love...Errol

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Errol, I still have all the pictures that you gave me. I don't know what happened in those sections. I just haven't gotten around to getting them re-scanned and back on. Now, is a good time to get organized on that. I am actually working on your "photo gallery" right now.. just finished re-working the last group for "Woman Obsessed." What I will probably do, because of time factors, is try and get as many of the pages left to be done, finished, and then go back and work in the the "somehow deleted" photos of yours that were previously posted. I still have all the photos, so not to worry. There has been some loss on the soundclips of the "Joey Bishop" section and I don't know how in the heck that happened.. it all just goes with the territory I guess...frustrating, but I'm hangin' in.

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Ginger...I know you busy you must be...and we all are so grateful for all you do. I was just glad to hear that
something hadn't happened...and those pics had been lost

Thanks for all that you do...for all of us...

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Errol, thank you. I'm trying to get as much of the site re-worked as possible by Oct 26th. To follow progress, anyone can click on the website icon below or copypaste the below url:


If anyone notices any typos/mistakes, bad links, etc., please let me know, and I'll correct.

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Thanks for the info, Ginger. I come here periodically, I would have hated trying to come here after Oct. 26 and no site!

Re: New Susan Hayward Website Underway

Howard, thank you , and yes, this is what bothers me some, that less frequent visitors will not get the message, but it's possible I can make a special intro page that will direct them to the new site..I just don't know yet. If they are looking up Susan Hayward, they will eventually find this site in their search engines. It will also be impossible to inform everyone out there who has linked to this site, but as time moves on, hopefully, the word will spread and they can correct links.

I'm almost finished with the "Smash-Up" pages. just working my way down the list. I'm also re-working snapshots by julie and some my other pages, but Susan's and julie's pages come first.. the other will have to be "under construction" for a while..