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Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Ray - Is this another Denmark cover?...lovely, of course!

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Hello...this movie magazine is from France (Paris) dated February 1953 and in very good condition. There are many pictures of American movie stars and articles on Gary Cooper, Anna Mangani and a half page write up on Susan on her new film "The President's Lady" Thanks again Ginger for posting all these beautiful covers on this splendid site.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29


I have this French magazine in my collection...as I am French I can tell you that the small text under her name says:

Susan Hayward is now a Superstar . (thanks to "the Snows of Kilimanjaro" .It made a big impact that she was billed above Ava Gardner)

So Our Susan was regarded as a superstar in France as soon as early 1953 ...3 years later she would win the golden palm at the 1956 Cannes festival with "I'll cry tomorrow".

Needless to say that "I want to live" is also in France seen as a classic together with the 1952 Nicholas Ray movie "the lusty men".

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29


Thank you for the translation.

I absolutely ADORE this picture of Susan and have it framed in my office, along with many others.

Also thanks to Ray for supplying the lovely pictures and to Ginger for all her work, especially now with transferring to the new site.


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Philippe, thanks for translating the caption of Susan. She certainly was a "superstar" and we all adored her.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Trish, I see you are back from your trip to the states. I hope you had a wonderful time. Did you receive my package? WIll write soon.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Yes it is a great shot ( I know, I know, they all are aren't they.) Thanks to Ray and Ginger for supply and display and merci to Philippe for the translation.
I had wondered if that serviceable style blouse may have come from WHITE WITCH DOCTOR that was made around that time - but of course, it would be the safari outfit from SNOWS...


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

I had a couple of comments on this beautiful pic of Susan. First...it could not have come from White Witch Doctor, since if you remember right, Susan had a much different hair style in that film than she did in Snows...and as many times as I keep seeing Snows...(it seems to be shown A LOT on FOX) is is embedded, in the mind, that this was one of the very few costumes that she even had...in SNOWS...

Susan got top billing over Ava Gardner, NOT because she had a better role in that one. It seemed to be Ava's film, all the way through, but since Susan was a FOX star and was 'on top of the world', having just knocked 'em dead in With a Song in my Heart and Ava was brought over from MGM for the film, it was no more than expected, that the top female billing would go to the FOX STAR..and not the MGM STAR.

ANOTHER THING...PHILLIPPE BROUGH UP..which I was so glad that he did..was the mention of Susan, around the same time period, and her role in THE LUSTY MEN.
No one ever seems to mention this film and I think it is one of Susan's best, that is always passed by and never given the praise that it deserves. It is now being considered one of the 'only' true films of rodeo life...and all the performances were super in this 'throw away' film, from RKO. Mitchum and Hayward may have not gotten along, off the screen, but they sure could make some sparks fly in this one.
Not so much in WHITE WITCH DOCTOR, but that, I feel, was because they 'had' to make that one. It was in the deal between RKO and FOX that if they loaned Susan out for LUSTY MEN for RKO...then they would have to do one, together, for the FOX studio. Too bad
it was not a better scripted film...like THE LUSTY MEN had been.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29


I have ALWAYS said (and I have done so on this site a while ago) that The Lusty Men was a terrific film. Although I personally am totally against rodeos, this film certainly did give a very real picture of the life from the point of view of the people involved in it. It was gritty and realistic, and this was one film that I'm glad was filmed in black and white.

Like you, I have read that Susan and Mitchum did not get along well, but there were certainly sparks between them on this picture. And, might I add, that Susan never looked more beautiful.

The only casting I didn't agree with was that of Arthur Kennedy as her husband, but Arthur Hunnicutt was wonderful.

Another excellent picture by director Nick Ray.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 29

Gloria...I agree that Susan looked so great in this film
Well...she did in all of them (except..in my opinion
WHITE WITCH DOCTOR..those awful hair-do's in that one!)

One of my favorite Susan lines was from this film....
when she gets mad in the trailer house and says...
"MEN...I'd like to fry them all..in deep fat!"

Only Susan could give a delivery like that one was!!