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Ray's Photo Collection/no. 30

This is a relatively familiar photo but I've never seen it as a magazine cover. Ray, we'll let you elaborate and tell us about it a little...thanks so much..I'm behind a little on adding the last few photos into the slideshow... will try to do that before the day is over.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 30

Again I wish to commend Ginger for such a grand effort in putting the slide show together. It looks fabulous [ Such an beautiful feature in honor of our Susan. This latest magazine cover is from Portugal dated February 25, 1950. It's all in this country language. This is a popular pose of Susan as I have it in an 8x10 B/W. She looks so young and lovely. Thanks so much.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 30

Hi Ray...I only have one comment to add on this pic...
How more beautiful can one person be..??