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Susans' Relatives

As a longtime Susan Hayward fan and viewer of this website,I read Errol's post with special interest.
Although I was never fortunate enough to see Susan in
person,I do have a story to share. In May of 1989,
while working for an oral surgeon in Falls Church,
Virginia,I made an appointment for a lady whose last
name was Chalkley;incidentally,Eaton Chalkley was
born and raised in the Washington,D.C.area-local phone books still list many Chalkleys. When our
patient arrived,accompanied by her sister-in-law,I
took her pertinent info and mentioned that her name
sounded familiar.Both ladies smiled broadly and said
that their brother/brother-in-law had indeed married
Susan Hayward. I told them I was a great fan;they
laughed and agreed that she was 'really something'.
I'de have loved to have been able to ask many questions,but that was neither the time nor the place.
Nevertheless,the experience was special,and a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Re: Susans' Relatives

That's a really neat story, Elaine.. thanks for sharing!

Re: Susans' Relatives

Elaine, I really enjoyed your story. I am sure it was a day that you will not forget. That must have been something!! Thanks for sharing and very nice to hear from another Susan Hayward fan.