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susan hayward

does anyone know where all the trophies are that Susan wom????

Re: susan hayward

Maybe Tim might know...but I do remember, when they had
a 'selling' of some of her things at an antique shop on ritzy La Ciengia Blvd. in Beverly Hills, that I saw some of them. The Photoplay awards and Golden Globe's. I remember squinting my eyes to see which films they were for. I did see the Golden Globe for "With a Song in my Heart" was one of them.

Re: susan hayward

I wonder how much Susan's Golden Globe sold for $$$

If I recall, Susan's son Greg has her Oscar. I maybe wrong. Can anyone clarify this. It's been in my mind for a very long time.

Re: susan hayward

None of my Mother's awards were EVER sold. They remain in the family...Any seen at the Estate Auction were for display...


Re: susan hayward

Thanks Tim for clearing this up for us. Their all in the "family" that's great!!!

Re: susan hayward

SORRY...I just said that I saw them there, which I did.
As I..also said..the store was closed, on a Sunday, so
I was only looking through the windows. How would I know
if they were or weren't...for sale??

Next time I will keep my big mouth...shut!