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I'll Cry Tomorrow

Did anyone that Elizabeth Taylor wanted the part of Lillian Roth and lobbied hard to get? I thought that was so cool that Susan Hayward beat out Elizabeth Taylor. I wonder if Susan even realized what that meant that Taylor lost to her then was nominated for an oscar, which we probably agree she was robbed?

Re: I'll Cry Tomorrow

I didn't know that Liz Taylor wanted this role, but I'm sure glad Susan Hayward got it. I remember hearing Lillian Roth say that she had wanted Susan to play her, so maybe that was the deciding factor.

I don't think there are any Susan Hayward fans who didn't think she richly deserved an Oscar for this role. It was a stunning portrayal.

Re: I'll Cry Tomorrow

There happens to be a clip that is now and then shown on
Turner Classic Movies..(so it is not coming from my big mouth!)...where they are interviewing another star who really thought she had the role...and that was of all people..JANE RUSSELL.

They still show the clip from time to time, so if you want to find out, for sure, on this report, from me...
try and catch it.

Re: I'll Cry Tomorrow

OH...and another person who was a big MGM star, that thought SHE had the role and would have been a disaster was...of all people...JUNE ALLYSON.

That too...has been reported on TCM...

Re: I'll Cry Tomorrow


Believe it or not, I remember reading somewhere that June Allyson did indeed think she could get the Lillian Roth role. I didn't know about Jane Russell.

Fortunately all around, Susan got it, saving movie-goers from disaster, LOL.