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New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the day that the original Susan Hayward site will be deleted. I am almost finished with tne new site, but still have a little work to do; however, I've got the new site online, and you can visit there, and also get to the message board from there. Click the website icon below or copypaste the below url.


I'm trying to put music into the site, but I can't hear it. I'm having problems on both of my laptops hearing it, so I'm not sure if it's in my system, or if I'm doing something wrong, or WHATEVER..I'm getting frustrated about it. Please go to the new homepage and let me know if you can hear "My Foolish Heart".. I believe that is the last song I tried to put on.. I have tried several...or if you can hear any
music at all.. thanks..

I've finished my friend, Julie's site....her new url is

...and I need to start working on my my piano pages ( but heck, I really need to fix this music problem.. don't know what is going on..)...Audrey Totter's and Robert Ryan's pages will be a long time coming but I'll get them on eventually.


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward


I could hear "My Foolish Heart," playing at the website - so it's okay. Good luck on getting everything changed

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Thank you , Amy. It must be my computers, so I'll have to try and find out what it wrong. Thank you..your info is helpful.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Ginger, I love what you did to the new slide show. It's beautiful and your music adds the right touch.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Hi Ginger....I just came over to the new site...and it is...BEAUTIFUL..What a wonderful job you have, once again done, and given such love to Susan...and to those of us who love her, dearly...Such work you have had to do..and it is appreciated so very much.

YES...the music was coming in very clear and lovely. It broke up on My Foolish Heart, when I first got to the site, but then I reclicked to the main page, after looking at some of it...and when I came back to the main page, it played fine after that.

Thank You...so very much...
We ALL Love You!!!


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Thank you Ray and Earl! I finally am able to hear the music on one of our laptops, but can't on the other. It seems to be something regarding my media player, so I'll keep troubleshooting that. Thankfully, it's not a webpage problem.

Errol, the "My Foolish Heart" sputters a little when I go into the page, so I don't know if it's the song file itself or something within the webpage. I may change the song and see if it works better. Is anyone else having problems with the music on the new homepage getting "stuck" much as a scratched cd does sometimes?


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

I just want to comment, how pleased I am with the new site. It is awesome and again, Ginger, you did a great job. Your piano version of "My Foolish Heart" plays beautifully from start to finish. I love that the song plays over and over...I listened to it five times and admiring the covers of our Susan. Thank you ever so much for all your efforts and hard work to make this webpage the best on the internet. Your should be proud as we all are so thankful and also the homepage looks so organized and well displayed.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward


I'm getting "My Foolish Heart" perfectly! A fine job by you, as usual. The only problem I have -- but have had all along on your original website -- is that I can't get the slideshow. The message reads: "We're sorry. This slideshow is empty."

I have no idea why. My computer is less than 2 years old and has Vista Home Premium, so it's weird. But I can get all the other wonderful things you have on Susan, so I'm happy.

Thanks for all the work you do on Susan. I don't know what we would do without your loving efforts.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

THE Music works for me, GREEN is real good, She would like that!!!


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Big endorsement from me as well - the link worked perfectly and the sound seems to have ironed out any problems. Looks great.

A major vote of thanks for your immense amount of work and skill with this endeavour.


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Many thanks to you all for your very kind words and encouragement.

I found out the problem regarding the music on one of my laptops. I needed a new "driver". I tried unsuccessfully to download a couple of free ones, but finally, paid for one, and it worked...! LOL...it's nice to have the music sounding again, so that I can check and actually "hear" what I'm trying to accomplish-- and the music is working on our other laptop too.

Gloria, I'm sorry you can't see the slideshow. It's really nice, thanks to Ray's beautiful photos that he has sent for us all to enjoy. The only thing I don't like about the slideshow is the advertisements at the bottom of it, but guess I'll have to live with that. Overall, I really love the slideshow effect.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward


Thank you so much for all your hard work as I don't know what we would all do without our Susan site to share thoughts, keep in touch and discuss the loveliest star ever to grace the screen.

The new site looks beautiful and I adore the green background. It was nice of Tim to post that his mother would have liked it too.

I love the new format for the slideshow and My Foolish Heart is coming in loud and clear, beautifully
played I might add. I think it is one of the most lovely songs ever written and of course, of special significance to me as this was the film when I first realised how really special Susan was.

I did have problems accessing the new site today but by switching over to Google from Yahoo, it did the trick and I now have it "saved".

I can never thank you enough for all the work you do Ginger in keeping Susan's site going and particularly in being responsible for my many like-minded e.mail friends. I treasure you all and am so grateful to Tim for keeping us in the picture and posting so many of his family photographs on his site.


Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Thank you, Trish! It's my pleasure and honor to work on Susan's webpage and communicate with all of you here--although I will admit I get a little frustrated with the technical side of it sometimes, but the creative and communicative side of it is a joy. I appreciate Tim's participation also and his willingness to share his thoughts and family photos, and I'm glad he shared with us that Susan would like the GREEN and we all know that she looked especially beautiful in green.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Hi Ginger ,it works fine with me too,music and slide show,what a melody it is "my foolish heart" and how beautiful you play it!

I also love the small color photo of Susan you are using on the welcome page with her flaming light auburn hair surexposed on the shadow of her profile....

I have one observation: when I click on paragraph 1952/1958 at the end of biography of 1952 ,the link brings me to 1959 instead....

Maybe you can fix that!?

Thank you for your great work on our favourite Hollywood legend.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Phillipe, I think I fixed that link problem, but will you double check me on that because I want to be sure that was what you meant? I had not linked page 3 of the bio to page 4, so thank you for helping me to catch that.

Also, thank you for your nice comments.

Everyone, please let me know if you see a typo or bad link, or have any problems. It is all so vast, and I don't really have anyone proofreading me except myself, and I get a little bleary eyed sometimes, so fresh eyes help. Thanks!

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

Yes it works now Ginger,thank you.

What does not work yet is the link to 1959/1975 at the end of 1952 /1958.

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward


you stated

"What does not work yet is the link to 1959/1975 at the end of 1952 /1958."

--I'm sorry, but I am thoroughly confused...are you referring to the "biography" section or another section"...can you be a little more specific?

Re: New Site/Old Site/Susan Hayward

I was referring to the biography...