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My other sites are gone with the wind -- for now

It was impossible for me to get all of my other sites online before geocities deleted officially today, but I did have time to save the pages to my computer so the work is not lost, just offline, and I'll have to put them all back together as I have time. I was heartsick about all of this. I had spent hours recording music and putting it online for Ginger's Piano Place; however, as I mentioned, I have the music files, etc. saved, and will get it back up, along with Robert Ryan's and Audrey Totter's as I have time. I'll work slowly and get them back together as I can. It will probably take me about a year...will keep me out of trouble, I'm sure.. ha

What was most important to me was to get Susan Hayward's back up and also my friend, Julie's, who is ill, but had spent so much time working on her site and getting her very rare photos of celebs up for all to see. BTW, Julie, as she can, is trying to finish a book, a coffee table type book, in which she will have over 1,000 photos of her celebrity snapshots. As you have probably already noticed, she has photos of Susan Hayward within her site, and I have these links within the index on Susan's new site.

Julie was a "paparazzi" back in the days when the stars happily posed for the young kids, like Julie, who stood outside theaters, clubs, and restaurants where the stars were seen--in New York City, in the early 50's. Actually, this was how Julie's long association with Lillian Roth came about. Julie and her friends were taking photos of Lillian while she was appearing at a club in New York, and I think the club was called La Vien Rose.

I'll keep you posted regarding Julie's book. Her little snapshots are real treasures.

you can get to julie's site by copypasting



clicking the website icon below

Re: My other sites are gone with the wind -- for now/oops

I had linked julie's website wrong within the icon..the icon below should work now.