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"Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

Susan co-stars with Stephen Boyd in this movie, playing
on Friday, November 13. It's a rare showing of this
movie - on the Fox Movie Channel. Check local listings
for the time in your area.

Re: "Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

Thank You..Amy..for this important notice on "Woman Obsessed". It does not show very often, and I am in hopes of getting a better copy of it, now that will be shown on the Fox Movie Channel.

Re: "Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

You're very welcome, Errol.

Re: "Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

20 century Fox should release this rare 1959 color movie on official DVD.

We never get to see it in Europe...

Fox has still a few of well known Susan Hayward films to release on DVD by the way:

- I can get it for you wholesale .1951. ( big box office hit )
- The president's lady .1953. ( another box office smash )
- Untamed .1955. ( great cinemascope and color adventure film with a flamboyant Susan )
- The marriage go-round .1960. ( rare comedy role for Susan )

Who could tell me what is Fox waiting for !?...they should release a long overdue Susan Hayward DVD boxset . ..It is all we are waiting for...Why doesn't Fox video do the obvious with one of their biggest stars of the fifties!!?

By the way talking about comedies,Warner archives have released "Top secret affair" (1957) on official DVD!

Re: "Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

I agree with you Philippe, 20th Century Fox should get with it and get a box set of Susan's best films.
20th already added Betty Grable and of course Marilyn Monroe with their own boxset. What's going on with 20th anyway after Susan made millions for the studio.? I think I will write a letter to 20th.

Re: "Woman Obsessed," on TV, November 13

Philippe...Thanks for the info on "Top Secret Affair".
I was not aware that it has been released for dvd, but glad to hear there is another Susan film out there that we can get now.

Ray...I agree with you on the boxed sets..and there seems to be this great 'mystery' with 20th and Susan films. It used to be that they never even showed her films on their channel, but now..(like with all their other films that are on there)..they play one over and over..and over. I used to like 20th because it was Susan's contact studio..but I think less of them more and more. Susan was their top box office draw until the..blonde-craze hit Hollywood and then the redheads, at all studios, seemed to become second best. Susan was then over and Marilyn Monroe was in. Grable had been before Susan's reign at Fox,
and Rita Hayworth was moved over for Kim Novak at Columbia. Rhonda Fleming and Arlene Dahl stepped aside for the likes of Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren. It all went in a big wave of blondes overtaking the redhead beauties.

But..with Susan and Fox...it has always been a mystery, to me, how they have slighted even showing her films. I sometimes think that is one of the reasons that TCM have not given Susan the Star of the Month, because a lot of Susan's films are still being 'held'..only at Fox.

I agree with writing letters and asking Fox..WHY!!