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"THE LUSTY MEN"...airs on TCM....Tomorrow....(Tue)..>>

Tomorrow morning....TCM is showing three ROBERT MITCHUM
films..."Rachel and the Stranger".."The Lusty Men" and
"Home from the Hill". I am on Mountain Standard time and
the films start at 8:30 am..with "The Lusty Men" showing at 10:00 am..

I will be watching all three of these great films, since
"The Lusty Men" and "Home from the Hill" would both always be on my TOP 50 BEST FILMS OF ALL TIME. For "Home from the Hill" it was also the beginning of two very young actors, who reached stardom..George Peppard and George Hamilton and was quite a shocking film to make, back in 1960..and also stars Eleanor Parker in one of her best roles. This film is also directed by Vincent Minnelli.

Based on the STARS FOR EXCELLENCE RATINGS..both of the other films got THEE STARS, which is always given
to the 'solid...best films'. We all know how this rating system goes..and if you get higher than 3 STARS then the film is rated as 'above..just best films'...and 3 1/2 stars is rated as 'next to excellence'..and 4 stars is the highest in excellence

I mention this, because...through the years, "THE Lusty Men" has risen in stature from being a 3 star film...to a 3 1/2 film...and well deserved. I think as one fan here had said..(I think it was Jill)..she did not enjoy rodeo films much, but that this film is
a truly great movie and ranks above any other rodeo film that has ever been made.

SUSAN...looks breathtaking in this film and (like Jill)..I think her hair looked..super.. with the short bob that brings out her beautiful face features to the hilt!

Just trying to give you fans a 'early flash' that it will be on in the morning...so check your time zone for times for the showings.

Re: "THE LUSTY MEN"...airs on TCM....Tomorrow....(Tue)..>>


I have "The Lusty Men" on video and watch it from time to time, because I think this was one of Susan's best. I have also posted on this site that I hate the very idea of rodeos, which I consider very cruel to animals. But Susan and Robert Mitchum had great chemistry in it (though I've read they were not exactly buddies while making it).

I don't have cable, so I don't know if the film was colorized for cable. But even in black-and-white, Susan looked fabulous.

I liked just about every actor in the film, except for Arthur Kennedy. I thought Arthur Hunnicutt was terrific in a role that seemed made for him. The writing was excellent, and I think this film was one of Nicholas Ray's best.

All in all, a wonderful film. Just close your eyes during the rodeo scenes if you, like me, are anti-rodeo.

Re: "THE LUSTY MEN"...airs on TCM....Tomorrow....(Tue)..>>

Yes ,there is/was a colorised version of it! ( think from TCM? )

I have one ,alas bad, VHS copy of that colorised version ......

I wish this classic movie was released on an official DVD,remastered.....with as bonus ....the colorised version of it!

Agree this is one of Susan most prestigious movies worldwide , a cinema masterpiece.

The photography/cinematography is stupendous.

Re: "THE LUSTY MEN"...airs on TCM....Tomorrow....(Tue)..>>

I never knew there was a colorized version of this film and actually, I don't think color, would be the right chemistry for a film like this. I have only seen one color film on rodeo. It was called ARENA 1953 and starred Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen, Harry Morgan and Barbara Lawrence. The color was what made the film...not work, in my opinion. Otherwise, it would have been a good film too.

I have three copies, now, of THE LUSTY MEN and all have been from Turner Classic Movies..and all are in glorious...black and white.