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"Back Street"

Hi Ginger, I love your piano rendition of the theme from "Back Street" It's beautiful. "Back Street" was probably my favorite Hayward film from the 60's.

Re: "Back Street"

Ray, thank you! I followed the melody as closely as possible. I didn't have the sheet music for it, and I actually listened to an old fashioned lp recording of it and put it together at the piano. It was tedious, but it came out pretty well--considering~

Back Street was the first film I saw that I actually NOTICED Susan. I was 13 years, and just thought she was the greatest.. still do!

Re: "Back Street"

I just tried listening to the "Back Street" music and it only is on for the first few bars..then goes blank for a long time..and then you hear the final few bars.
Is it just with me...thru Firefox or is anyone else having trouble with it not playing?

Re: "Back Street"

Errol, I can hear all of the song on my computer. Sometimes it helps to empty your temporary files(cache out), but it might be your browser, firefox...??