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Susan's Oscar appearances

Hi everyone.

I hang out at YouTube a lot these days. Yesterday I noticed there is an Oscar Channel on YouTube, in which Oscar acceptance speeches from past years are presented. (I found myself watching Rosalind Russell accepting the Jean Hersholdt award in 1973, and Katharine Hepburn in her only Oscar appearance in 1974).

I have noticed the channel does not yet have Susan Hayward's acceptance speech from her 1958 win, nor her final appearance in 1974 with Charleton Heston. So, I contacted them via the oscars.org website, and requested both.

I figure if enough of you make the same request, maybe they'll take notice. Strength in numbers, y'know...

Here's the site I contacted:


Re: Susan's Oscar appearances

Well, for what it's worth, here is their reply:

Hi Howard,

Thank you for watching our YouTube channel. We will take your video request into consideration and do our best to upload it to the channel in the near future.

Thank you,
Lorrin Millette

Marketing Department
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
8949 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

P: (310) 247-3000 Ext. 110
F: (310) 247-2600

I don't know if this means they actually read what I requested, but I noticed there are phone/fax numbers now, as well as a snail-mail address and e-mail address.

It's a start, anyway!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Susan's Oscar appearances

Well done Howard. It does sound promising I think.