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Susan in Disneyworld (Orlando)?


First, let me introduce myself. I am one of the "quiet ones", and my name is Izzie. My sister has been a Susan fan for many decades and, because of her, so have I. We have both visited Carrolton, and my sister has been to some places where Susan lived and studied in N.Y.

I would like to know from Tim (Barker)- (if possible) - if Susan ever visited Disneyworld - the parks in Orlando. I recently came upon a clipping that she occasionally rented a condo in Jacksonville. Since Susan loved Florida so much and visited Jacksonville and lived in Fort Lauderdale, maybe she came to Orlando or Winter Park. I'd love to know...

Thank you so much!


P.S. Ginger, I love your website!

Re: Susan in Disneyworld (Orlando)?

To the best of my knowledge, my Mother did not visit Disneyworld (Orlando,FL). To put it bluntly, my Mother had a tremendous fear of crowds. When the Disney Theme Park opened here in L.A., Greg and I were there the first week - my Mother arranged for others to take us...


Re: Susan in Disneyworld (Orlando)?

Izzie, welcome to the message board, and thank you for your nice words about the website. I love working on it.

Tim - my son is 37 and has a fear of crowds. He avoids them as much as possible. The crowd is just overwhelming to him. I can somewhat relate to your mom's fear and adding in the factor of her celebrity would make a crowd even more fearful to her I would think.

Re: Susan in Disneyworld (Orlando)?

Thank you for answering my question and for the extra information, Tim. I appreciated it. I'm also fearful of crowds, even though I do go to the parks once in awhile when it's not so crowded. Iz.