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Hi everyone, I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I certainly did. It was just the four of us, husband, son, and my mom, but it was sweet. I did get to speak with Kelly in NYC for a little while. I haven't seen her in a year, and thankfully she will be here at Christmas. My mom had a fall on the way into my house, carrying pies. She slipped on a little step from the driveway into the garage and wham...flat on her face...THANKFULLY, she is fine, except for a black eye which she is telling all her buddies at the retirement village where she lives that I gave to her.. LOL...please tell them you are joking, MOM! We were very thankful that she was okay, and so were the pies! I really tried to have a thankful heart all day long, and it helped to make the day go well.. Now to practice more thankfulness on a daily basis!!!

I wanted you to know that probably within the next 72 hours, I'll have gingerhaydononline.com established. This was the only way I knew to organize my sites. I'll be working on my piano site, Audrey Totter, and Robert Ryan quite a bit, but now that I have Susan's pretty much established, I'll check back on hers and keep tweaking and adding, etc. Thankfully Jane Froman's and Lillian Roth's were not deleted in the big yahoo geocities meltdown last October.
Also, I have finally finished my friend, Julie's site...celebrity snapshots by Julie.

I need to get the Susan Hayward cyberfriends page up to date, so those of you who want to remain on that page, or are newcomers, please send me the email address you want to use. This is a page of Susan's site that I list her admirers and their email addresses, so that it might be easier for you to make contact with each other. You can send your info and confirm to me that you want this online to:


.....and don't forget to check out gingerhaydononline.com (should be up within the next day or so) to visit my other sites and see what is happening elsewhere with me online.

(you can copypaste gingerhaydononline or click the website icon below)

Love y'all!