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Ray's Photo Collection/no. 32

The "Woman Obssessed" days...She had the most beautiful eyes!

Thank you Ray...I'll try to get this added to the slideshow this week-end.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 32

Thank you Ray and Ginger for the latest picture - just beautiful but then, Susan was beautiful in all her pictures. Her eyes are indeed lovely - so expressive.

Also, what an appropriate song to be playing Ginger "Unforgettable" - she certainly was unforgettable to all of us.


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 32

Susan is still unforgettable and I am still in love with her nearly 60 years. Her beautiful eyes and smile
they are so captivating. This is another cover from France, Cine Tele Revue May 22, 1952. Beautiful!!!

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 32

I really...LOVE...this picture, Ray...This is the kind of picture that, I think, brings out the warmth and total beauty of Susan. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture of her with us.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/no. 32

Ginger and Ray

Can but endorse the above comments. Yet another terrific cover shot