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Swimsuit modeling pictures

I had not seen some of these pictures of Susan modeling swimsuits and thought I would share. http://www.glamoursplash.com/2009/12/screen-swimsuit-siren-susan-hayward.html

Re: Swimsuit modeling pictures


I had seen a couple of these before, but it's always good to see any photos of Susan as many times as possible!

In the DVD of "Back Street," Susan is wearing a bathing suit, but it's a night scene, so you really don't see her clearly. When she and John Gavin run from the surf to the sand and are lying next to each other, all you really see are the straps of the bathing suit.

I believe Susan was around 44 at the time, so it's possible she wasn't as slim and trim as the earlier modeling shots, but to me, she was always gorgeous.

And frankly, I'm sure that, at 44, she looked a lot better than I did in a bathing suit at any age, LOL.

Re: Swimsuit modeling pictures

The photos at the bottom of the Glamoursplash page were taken when Irving Fein was the studio publicist covering the shoot. Irving later managed Jack Benny and George Burns. He was also the father of one of my former GF's and present friend, Tisha Fein...small world