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Photo From Trish/Susan/Cannes/No.6

I'm assuming this is Susan arriving in France for the Cannes film festival.

Great photo! Thanks Trish!

Re: Photo From Trish/Susan/Cannes/No.6

I love this picture too Ginger. I don't know if it's Susan's arrival or departure as there was nothing written on the backs of any of these pictures except for the stamp of the photographer in Nice.

I really treasure these as I had seen none of them before I bought them.



Re: Photo From Trish/Susan/Cannes/No.6

Ginger and Trish:

The detective in me thinks that: (a) The package in her hands that looks like flowers could be something given to welcome her; but (b) she looks as if she's ready to go up the stairs to the plane and has turned back (maybe to allow this picture to be taken).

So (c), I don't know if she's coming or going, LOL. So much for my detective work.

Re: Photo From Trish/Susan/Cannes/No.6

On reflection, I think maybe Susan is leaving France.
Thinking back to the video you had linked to the site Ginger, I seem to remember her arriving in daylight. This picture looks like evening. Oh wouldn't it be great if that video could be found and we could see Susan visiting the pottery again and other shots of her in Cannes. I did try to "save" it but no luck.