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Photo From Trish/Susan//Set of "Top Secret Affair"

This is a photo that Trish had sent. My understanding is that the lady in the photo is showing Susan the scrapbook she had created of Susan Hayward clippings. They met on the set of Top Secret Affair. Trish, is this info correct? Maybe you can add to it. Thank you for the photo.

Re: Photo From Trish/Susan//Set of "Top Secret Affair"

Hi Ginger,

Regarding the picture of Donna Colton, age 16, I will detail below some of the original clipping.

She had collected pictures of Susan for four years and had seen I'll Cry Tomorrow 29 times (up till then which was October 1956.)

"Donna's quest of the sultry screen star paid off last month in an event the pretty theater-usherette won't soon forget - a three-hour visit with the actress on the set of her latest movie "Melvin Goodwin, USA" in Hollywood. (original title of Top Secret Affair.)

The teenager later explained that with the aid of friends she was able to bring the hefty scrap book to the attention of Susan's publicity agent, Stanley Musgrove.

Donna then finagled tickets to the Academy Awards presentation and made a point of introducing herself to the acress, who in turn promised to have the teenager made her guest at a future film-making.

Donna's dream came true last month. She was invited to visit Susan on the stage set.

"She was just wonderful" Donna later recalled. "So gracious and nice." Her adoration of the actress anything but dimmed, the teenager is getting ready to start another scrap book and said she has over 1,000 pictures mostly clipped from movie magazines which she hadn't yet used."

So Ginger, yet another devoted fan. I wonder where Donna is these days. She was one lucky girl being able to visit with Susan like that and so nice of Susan to give her the opportunity.


Re: Photo From Trish/Susan//Set of "Top Secret Affair"

Interesting article - I was utterly unaware of this item. Thanks Ginger for posting and Trish for elaborating.

Looks like sometimes, persistence pays off.