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So relieved you were able to connect to the site. Thank you for transferring the pic to the Board. It looks beautiful.

Sonny was one of many younger autograph collectors and we often met at the same "waiting" places. This pic appears to be in the winter of 1952 and taken, I think, at either the Hampshire House or Sherry Netherland Hotel. Sonny always wore glasses, but took them off for this shot. Prior to posing, Susan signed Sonny's prized scrapbook--the one you see him holding in the photo. He was on cloud nine!

If you go to my website scrapbooks, you will find Sonny in pictures with Karen Chandler (2nd from left) and Lilo at the Automat (top center). I'm sure there are others.

Sonny was a very gentle and good person. Sadly, he died many years ago. Today we honor and celebrate his memory.