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Miles to go!!/No. 1

Here is a first photo of baby Miles, Tim's new grandson, and Susan and Jess' great-grandson/born January 28, 2011. (Mom and Dad - Nadia and Greg)...
More photos are on Tim's Blog for which the website url is posted here and also you can click the website icon below. The pictures on Tim's blog, with captions, weren't coming in for me at present, but it might have just been a temporary glitch with my computer. They came through on my facebook page, however. I'm not sure you can see them on my facebook page unless you are a facebook member.. anyway, I'll post some of the photos here, and also you can try Tim's blog. (Look to the right on Tim's homepage/blog, "Miles has arrived".. under "recent posts".)
--Copypaste this website url or click the below icon