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Hi Ginger..and All...I have found a site that has a lot of SUSAN in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART and I'LL CRY TOMORROW...thru LOOK MAGAZINE. (Sorry, Ginger, but that great photo I have of her is not in these articles, but the articles are great with a lot of pictures.)

You can tell they are very 'worn' and fading LOOK magazines, but they..are there..along with some pics of Susan, in the magazines, advertising different things from the '50's.

THE BIG PROBLEM..is you have to leaf through the entire magazine until you come to the article or ads she was in..or..it may be that I just don't have the computer knowledge to go directly to the article I was looking for.

THE SITE IS...memorylane@classmates.com.

THE MAIN PAGE looks like it is only talking about music..but look to the far right on main page and there are pics of JAMES DEAN, MARILYN MONROE and DEBBIE REYNOLDS there. It's called.."Heartthrobs of the '50's..If you click on them, you can get into the LOOK magazine articles..plug in SUSAN and it will pull up the magazines she was in.

It was also FUN to look through the magazine and see what kind of ads and things we found 'up to date' back in the 1950's..(ha)..so many ads were done in drawings..cartoon style..to advertise merchandise. I did have a 'nostalgic ball' checking it all out! Hope you will too.

ALSO..PLEASE NOTE..this is originally through the classmates.com site. You may have to register, I am not sure, since I have been registered there for years, BUT..have never joined and paid anything, so you..do not..have to pay anything to see this Memorylane part of their site. It has just been added on to their site recently.