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Hi everyone, I used to have a miscellaneous type forum for about 5 years, but I closed it up about 3 years ago. Tonight I opened it back up again. I have missed the people who posted there and we had a lot of fun. It is bascially a mix of whatever... if you want to share your creative writing, trivia, recipes, movie and music interests, etc. please come on over...what we are going to try to stay away from is current politics. This is my big interest but my greatest weakness too, so I've chosen to vent elsewhere.. ha

Anyway, I wanted you to know you are welcome and if you want to share any little tidbits as we get to know each other better that would be great.

This message board of Susan's will remain specifically for her, but Ginger's Forum is a free for all for your movie interests and/or other things you want to discuss.

Here is the url: you can copypaste or click the website icon below: