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I am so glad to be back home, so I can watch some good SUSAN films. I pulled out "ADA" last night and really enjoyed watching that one again. Susan was way out of her contract with 20th when she made this one for MGM and I thought it was a 'good choice' for her.

Love the batter and challenge between her and WILFRED-HYDE WHITE. He was a good match-up for a 'winner take all' battle,with Susan the victor!

It is also a little surprising that DEAN MARTIN and SUSAN worked so well together in this one. A good choice for leading man opposite her,I think...and Martin had come so very far, as a good actor, after his days as 'straight man' to Jerry Lewis' antics in those silly comedies.

I wonder if Susan had any say-so in his being cast opposite her in that film? No matter what, I do think they did well together and I do like this film a lot.