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You know...I keep seeing so many people who come to 'view' the postings on Ginger's site, but very few will write some comments and..join in with us..on our chats about Susan and her movies. It would be so nice to have you guys share your thoughts with us about Susan or the films you have enjoyed that she made.

There are some of us DIE-HARDS who do all the chatting and have gotten to know one another on this site..and also off the site. I for one, would love to have you email me and get to know you better. Many friendships have been formed through this site and we still contact one another at our home emails addresses. Please feel free to contact me at any time and share things..and get to know one another...

One of my poems is called "STRANGERS ARE FRIENDS"
STRANGERS ARE FRIENDS..WE HAVEN'T MET...(and that is what has happened on here for me and others.)

AND...PLEASE...JOIN IN...and chat with us. I'm sure Ginger would love to have you guys, not only look at the site and the comments, but to share in them too. Ginger has put 'A LOT' of time and love into Susan's site and I can go back to the time when there were just a 'few of us'...but once we got going and Ginger kept taking time out of her very busy schedule, to always make sure THE SUSAN SITE was beautiful and drawing more and more fans all the time, this site was 'always very busy'. NOW...we seem to be back to the DIE-HARDS doing all the postings. COME ON..JOIN US DIE-HARDS...and let us know 'who you are..and your thoughts'.

THANKS GINGER...for keeping us all together for so many years now. Your devoted work for SUSAN has been a very important part of our lives. Ask any of us DIE HARDS...and many, many others, which seems to keep growing...by viewers, at least.