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Susan Forum...Sorry for any inconvenience

Hi Everyone, I just realized this morning that the forum had reverted back to advertising and limited posts, which it said " no more posting allowed.. had reached limit.". I then realized that I had not changed my credit card info at bravenet after losing my debit card a few months ago. They take a one time fee out yearly and were trying to use my lost card. I also had not checked s somewhat obscure email account of mine where they had notified me of this. Anyway, to make a long story short, I have it up to date and back in shape now. There is a way to have other forums within this forum. I am going to try to figure it out. That way we can have different topics aside from Susan.. Susan being the main topic always, of course, but this would perhaps allow us to discuss other films and stars. have trivia, etc. I will check in to that.

I'm sorry if any inconvenience has been caused.

I hope you are all looking at Tim Barker's blog. He is keeping everyone up to date on photos and info.

The blog link is on Susan's homepage.

Thanks again!