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I'd Climb The Highest Mountain/Successful Transfer to Youtube

Hi everyone,

It has been an all nighter pretty much, but I managed to learn how to sucessfully get a dvd transferred to my computer and then uploaded to youtube. This was a copy of I'd Climb The Highest Mountain that I have had on videotape, transferred to dvd, then to computer, then to youtube. I transferred it to dvd from videotape a long time ago, so at the moment I don't remember at all how I did it.. ha.. anyway,
I'm proud of this. Might get in trouble with youtube, don't know, --may should have had just used clips instead of the full film, however, it's done and we'll see. In the meantime you can enjoy the film. It is at the link below which you can copypaste, or click the website icon below. Thanks, and let me know if you have any problems. You should be able to just search "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" starring Susan Hayward , within the next day or so. I think it takes a little time to get in the search when something it first uploaded. (my youtube channel is ginhay2003 if you want to see all my videos. The link for my channel is the second link below: (I didn't realized there was about 30 minutes of old news after the film, but the full film is there. )