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Some 'trivia information'...on..."TOP SECRET AFFAIR"

First off..may I take a moment and 'thank' those who contacted me about my eye surgery and to tell you that I had it done on Monday..the bandages off today (Tue.) and everything is 'satisfactial'...A ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH DAY for me after 6 months of only partial vision.

NOW...I was watching "TOP SECRET AFFAIR" a few nights ago from a copy I had gotten off TMC..(they have great prints!) and found out some trivia on that film I never knew.

The film was originally to star HUMPHREY BOGART and LAUREN BACALL. They had signed to do the film and then, sadly, Bogart got cancer that would kill him not too long after that. Bacall was not interested in doing the film after that, so they re-wrote the script to be more custom to it's stars..SUSAN HAYWARD and KIRK DOUGLAS.

I have stayed away from this film, at lot, because it was a comedy and I never thought suited Susan's best talents...that of a dramatic actress, but I think I was wrong, on her and this film. She is full of fire and proves, once again, that she can do it all..and do it well...IF..it is written well too.

She looks terrific (as always) and has some 'sucker punch' lines throughout the film. This time around, I found it fun and full of SUSAN punches, that out-weighs KIRK DOUGLAS throughout the 'bout'...