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I don't get the FOX MOVIE CHANNEL unless they have it on for a 'free' time on my DISH Network...so I just found out that the FOX MOVIE CHANNEL will be free for the month of Jan.

I checked (they will only pull up two weeks ahead) to see if any of Susan's films were being shown and..sure enough...there will be two. One tomorrow and one next Tuesday. (*check your time zone to find out 'when' they will be shown)
This channel always shows the 'older classics' in the wee-small hours and then the 'newer films' at regular times. In my time zone they will be on between 2 and 6am.

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE...(tomorrow) Tue. Jan. 8th..
THE PRESIDENT'S LADY.(next Tue...Jan 15 th )

It might be a good time to get a good recording for these two films if you wanted to do so. ALSO...just before SOLDIER OF FORTUNE is another great classic for GENE TIRNEY..in..LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN, which she was nominated for Best Actress...a really good performance (or should I say bad/good performance, since she is 'so evil-cold hearted' in this film)...