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To some who were chatting on here, I'm sure it will come as a great relief, that I will be leaving the board in about a week, to start rehearsals on THE SUNSHINE BOYS for Park City, Utah.

That will make it so...others who seemed to want to 'find flaws' or 'nit pick' at Susan's private life, can hop back on board and continue what you were doing. I happen to admire the woman for her work in film and her one shot at live theater. I was never here to 'pry' into what 'private life' she was able to have and I voiced my opinion, when those things surfaced, which was happening quite a lot in the past while.

Maybe once I am off here...you can continue to 'find fault' and dig deeper into the woman's life. I know other fans on here, did not do that in the past and I know they will be behind me on this. Others may still want to continue on and leave 'no stone unturned' until they have all the 'dirt' they can get...but usually when that happens..they move on.

If any of you feel this was 'YOU' I was talking about...then you were probably correct! I have no apology to give you..and if you still wish to continue what you started...then by all means do so...I will not respond to you or your 'flaws' that you liked to find.

To the..TRUE SUSAN FANS...I will still be dropping in when I can and will be back to join you in the future. And..THANK YOU, GINGER, for this board for the fans who love SUSAN HAYWARD.

HAPPY CHATTING...one and all....