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Hello, All!

I am noticing more and more how Susan's growing changes through the decades of her career are offering me the chance to see, I'd say, about three different but equally talented women from three changing eras---three women whose maturity and self-confidence grew along with her.

Through each stage, there was so much to note about her acting, her self-confidence and how, gradually, she appeared to 'become' the roles she played.

I still have many films to watch......but, so far, I would say that I have most 'connected' with the Susan in "I'll Cry Tomorrow"--my favorite. You don't have to be an alcoholic or addict of any kind to remember times in your life when all felt so bleak, you could not see your way out of an ever-widening abyss, threatening to pull you down into it. The unbearably painful and realistic manner is which Susan played Lillian Roth in "I'll Cry Tomorrow" left me almost stunned at how she captured a woman who'd so totally lost 'herself'. It took me awhile before I could 'let myself out of that hotel room she clung to, while making her life-and-death decision." It is very rare to 'share' a scene with an actress'---but Susan took me as close to her unbearably frightening indecision and uncertainty, as any other actress ever has.

I suppose this is why I tend to gravitate more towards the Susan of that age period......when her acting became very real to me.


1.) Do any of you have a 'favorite era', where you most enjoyed Susan's work?

I enjoyed them ALL, but there were certain times and performances that have stuck with me in a very strong way.

2.) In a more 'shallow' question about her life, I'm rather curious as to what period you found her most attractive?

I guess I am unable to separate the acting from the looks, as I guess I'd go back to the "I'll Cry Tomorrow' period of her career.

But---of course, there was NO time when I didn't think Susan created a spell with her talent--and a face that was so expressive.

(Also--just thought--did you feel that in any film, her performance was affected by any personal crises in her life you may have read about? I've read several people say that on a movie website--that's why I ask.)

Anyway, just curious! Any responses? :-)

Cheers to all and have a lovely weekend, Lynn