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The shape of autism

Tyler *narration*: my name's tyler...I have autism...I often have people ask me what's it like to have autism...well...heres your answer...

*Drops of white water reveals the words the, shape, of, and autism*

Fade to black

(First person perspective) shot of a small white speck in the middle of black slowly getting bigger

When speck fills the whole screen, play audio of baby crying

Audio of doctors speaking but their voices are garbled and not understandable

Text on screen saying "4 years later..."

First person shot of tyler in the old west shooting outlaws

Tyler then sees a bank blowup, and out comes his brother anthony dressed in a generic outlaw outfit along with three others beside him.

Tyler: black jack Anthony!

Anthony: hah! Get a load of this fellas!

Old doofus sheriff tyler over here thinks he can take me on!

The four outlaws start laughing

A bar lady calls to them to come inside for dinner

Cut to a first person shot of watching a vhs tape of two kids playing with rope and a toy gun

Tyler from the VHS tape: stick em up!

Anthony from the VHS tape: no you!

Tyler jerks the gun back and makes a bang noise

Tyler from the VHS tape: got you!

Tyler: you wanna watch another?

Anthony: yeah! How about....the wuby one?

Tyler: alright. * loads VHS tape labeled wubbies into the VHS*

Fade to black

Fade to a first person shot of a one-eyed two-legged blue creature

Tyler (shouting): WUBY WHAM!

the camera then runs into the creature and knocks it over

Both the creature and tyler laugh, and another bigger wuby comes into the shot

Wuby: alright you kids, the pizzas here!

Fade to black

Fade to a first person shot of tyler and his brother watching a VHS tape

The VHS tape plays a clip of two kids playing by putting their legs through the sleeves of sweatshirts and talking about things called wubbies

Tape stops

Tyler: hey Anthony?

Anthony: yeah?

Tyler: is there any footage of when I was taken to the...place?

Anthony: uh...I dont think so...

Tyler: okay...that place was horrible...

Anthony: tell me more...

Tyler: okay...this is what I can remember:

Fade to black

Flashes of pictures of the institutions in the 1970s

Cut to black

Tyler: they never gave us clothes...

More flashes of pictures

Tyler: they never fed us...

More flashes of pictures

Tyler: they used cattle prods on us...

More flashes of pictures

Tyler: some of us survived...

More flashes of pictures

Tyler: some did not...

Fade to a first person shot of Tyler talking to Anthony

Anthony: oh god...how is that even legal?

Tyler: it's not...

Cut to black

Credits roll as political science plays