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Due to the invasion of maven, a planet very high in technological development by Cyber and the hun invaders, Teso and Derek journey to earth to revive the zen army to fight the invaders. On reaching earth, they discover that they can still be tracked by cyber, so they hide inside the body of Jake, a journalist, who just made the first page. As the two allies prepare the zen army, they discover that they forgot their main material back at maven. They can't go because there is no time and they don't know how maven might be now. Just when they are about to give up, they discover that if they cannot make the zen army as soldiers to fight cyber, they can make Jake the army. They successfully make him as strong as a million zen armies using their enhanced tech, but Jake faces physical, emotional and social challenges as the fight also puts the life of humans in danger. This battle costs more than everyone expected, even the life of his father.