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Wedding at the Beggars' Shed

An orphan, Joy, whose life revolved round the colony of beggars, was able to learn that her mother died shortly after giving birth to her many years ago. Her mother, forlorn, begged for alms alongside other beggars before she died due to complications while giving birth. Though growing up in a different environment, Joy found solace in the company of beggars. She went to their abode regularly to keep them company. Fate worked her meeting with Destiny, a young man who had carved a niche for himself. The two got along as good friend until they decided to get married. On the day of their wedding, the couple to be discovered, through Destiny’s father that both of them were born by the same parents. They became destabilized. Simon, Destiny’s best man swaps role with Destiny as he marries Joy whom he has admired for some time