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Featured semi-computer graphics inspirational comedy AN ANGEL TAKES A SWIM

An original screenplay
David and Rebeca Orange
110 pp.

Note: The animal rights group PETA is aware of this inspirational story, An Angel Takes a Swim. In the wake of the outpouring of animal lovers over the CNN film Black Fish and the backlash that it has created, PETA has consented to publicize “Angel” with its built-in audience of 6.5 million subscribers once the film gets a production Green Light.

Genre: Inspirational, Action Comedy, semi-computer graphics

Log line:
A football coach killed in a car crash becomes desperate to save his injured ballerina wife, his spirit bartering with archangels who agree to return him to Earth for a brief time as a dolphin healer to help mend her. However, the blundering mammal’s misadventures land him in a theme park that he must escape from as the countdown clock clicks.

Synopsis to Screenplay:
Highly spirited football college coach ELMER DAWSON (late 30’s) is offered an assistant coaching job for the Miami Dolphins NFL team. However his wife KELLY (late 20’s), an American Ballet Theatre dancer in New York on the verge of stardom, is reluctant to relocate. The two arguing while driving down to Florida leads to a horrific crash, instantly killing Elmer and leaving Kelly with paralyzed legs.

Elmer’s “spirit” feels tremendous guilt over his selfishness that has left Kelly a devastated crippled widow. Determined to somehow mend her life, he pleads to the heavenly Archangels for help: alpha male top angel MICHAEL “MIKE,” assisted by the English aristocratic drinking URIEL “URI,” the worry wart GABRIEL “GABBY” and the over-the-top flamboyantly gay Raphael the Healer “RAPHIE.”
Gabby reminds them that God forbids angels intervening in fate. Mike, though, a huge football fan bets with Elmer on a game they view on a celestial screen from the ethereal. Mike loses the wager and grants newly spirit Elmer a brief return to the flesh, but the only body available is a dolphin!

Immediately upon Elmer entering the mammal’s body, he encounters a gauntlet of obstacles. Out to have him for lunch are sharks, but Elmer the Dolphin is rescued by a ferocious Orca Killer Whale named BULL who has his own emergency: his mate has been captured and hauled off to an aquarium, whereabouts unknown. Elmer conveys to a heartbroken Bull that he “owes” him, and will help find her.

Elmer’s echolocation hones in on Kelly convalescing at a south Florida home of her parents—ED and JANICE, on a cove. The couple on the verge of separating, decide to stay together for the sake of caring for their wheel-chair bound daughter.
When the depressed Kelly attempts a suicide drowning, Elmer swims jet-like to her, saving her just in time. . . which begins a magical bond between human and mammal.

Nearby is the popular aquatic park Mammal-mania where corporate heads WANDA WINTERS and C.J. HOPKINS seek additional mammals, legally or otherwise, to further line their pockets.
Marine biology park employee SAM LUCAS-- Kelly’s former high school sweetheart has learned to communicate with orcas and dolphins. However, some suspect him of selling out his principles for profit.

Dolphin Elmer meets SPOTTY, a playful sexy female dolphin who distracts him from his goal. When he’s injured by a motor boat blade, Mammal-mania orders Sam to bring the feral dolphin in to captivity.
When Sam reunites with Kelly and learns of her accident, their friendship rekindles as he becomes awestruck over her special relationship with the captured dolphin. The two aren’t aware that Elmer’s spirit is housed in it, and he as dolphin is jealous of the attention Sam is giving Kelly.

Sam takes the injured dolphin into the Mammal-mania aquarium to work on mending him. Kelly’s dad Ed who believes Sam’s true motive has been to capture the dolphin, and punches him good.
Kelly pays an unexpected visit to the theme park to visit her newly beloved dolphin friend, now imprisoned. Sam cannot convince her that he isn’t a traitor but becomes mystified with Kelly’s ability to get this gifted dolphin to execute intricate moves. Sam comes up with an audacious aquatic show even though she is crippled-- a scheme to free the captured mammal and a newly imprisoned Orca CLEOPATRA (CLEO)—Bull’s mate!

Kelly becomes excited over performing again, even if it means the dolphin not returning to freedom.

As Elmer’s time on earth in the flesh ticks away in countdown, Ed works with Sam to free the mammals while Bull hones in on Cleo’s distress calls. This alpha male Orca helps to break the chained barriers to free his mate but Elmer, not wanting to leave until helping Kelly’s legs awaken, gets caught again.

Bull, once helped by Elmer who vowed to help find his mate Cleo, must do so