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Caught in between brothers. Love is it?

Pregnancy, marriage then love. The precise order of how people come to be in love of late. Not Samuel and Swazi. All they do is dive in . Samuel Wolf, a drop dead gorgeous British man - talk about piercing blue eyes , dreadlocks and husky voice - is seated on a bench park sketching when he sees a pretty female strutting down the street towards a hot-dog truck. Swazi Isaacs.
No, this is not how they met. He gave her his number at a club and asked her to call. She never did. This today is just fate . So he walks up to her and reintroduces himself.
From sharing hotdogs,to being caught in the rain, nothing about their encounter shocks us when they end up at Samuel’s apartment fleeing the rain .Well , after dancing in it first . Swazi freaks out when she goes into the bedroom to find a painting of her looming in insolence and horror to her. Samuel calms her down by denying her accusations of stalking. He simply drew her as he remembered her. She became the sweet torture that haunted him at night , tormented his days and tortured his heart in longing . He fell in love with her at first sight .
Overwhelmed and freaked out , Swazi suppresses her feelings for Samuel and leaves the next day . It’s not that easy ,for she ends up at his door two weeks later . Yes , why waste time with love ?She lies about their first love-making and claims she too is a virgin, as he is . It takes her months to let her guard down and admit to her love for him.
They go from making matching tattoos to taking a weekend off in the country . Samuel’s inherited cabin .  Here she discovers he not only plays the piano but a guitar as well. They spend the weekend picnicking in the back of a pickup truck under the stars , fishing , watching sunset over the lake , having a romantic bath outdoors at sunrise and opening up about the past . One thing amiss though - someone keeps calling Swazi , caller Id ELI. She ignores the calls.
On their return to the city , the past catches up with Swazi.Eli.She continues ignoring him but Eli finally persuades Swazi to meet up with him. To get closure , she says. Closure becomes nights of feral sex in a hotel. Eli wants back , Swazi can’t decide,until after another rendezvous Samuel catches them together in the elevator.
Well hello, Eli is Samuel’s enstranged older brother . They go at each other with fists . When it comes to it, Swazi can’t choose between these two men. The man she lives with and is making a new life on over lies or the man he created lies with ? These men both love her . Deeply .
Violent as her relationship with Eli is , she finds it’s what she really really craves deep inside, just as much as she craves Samuel’s sweet tormenting love . Could one ever choose the moon over the sun or the sun over the moon?
She goes back and forth between Samuel and Swazi . Jealousy drives Eli into beating her at a mention of Samuel’s name . She ends up being nursed by Samuel , but as soon as Eli comes begging she goes back to him . Only for the baby she now carries if not for herself. Whose baby is it ?
Samuel becomes a mess over missing her , Eli becomes a disaster over jealousy for his brother . He ends up forcing Swazi to accept his proposal by teasing her to a brink of a climax until she can’t hold it anymore and relents .
It hurts being together with either of them , but it hurts even more being apart . It’s their love that ends up killing her . She gets admitted into hospital after nearly killing herself , Eli and Samuel driving mad . Literally!
They induce labor but she doesn’t survive it . It’s only when the baby is born they finally know it’s Samuel. Except everything isn’t enough if there is no Swazi in it .