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Thriller Caught in Mystery

Logline; A private detective must take desperate measures to find a missing girl, with pushback from the police department, she must outrun, outwit, and hunt the bad guys down one-by-one.


Kate Holmes drops her daughter, Melody off at their neighbor Simona’s house to babysit her while Kate runs some errands. To Kate’s surprise, when she returns to the house, they are nowhere in sight and there is blood all over the house. Law enforcement quickly gets on the case and assumes Simona had something to do with it. Kate and her husband Sam do not buy this and seek the help of Anna.
Anna is a private investigator who just moved back to her hometown. Years earlier her mother went missing and her cold case has yet to be solved. Anna believes the police department did not fully do their job and their negligence is why the case is cold. However, upon returning home, Anna vows to never take a missing person’s case again. Yet, she slowly comes to back down on her vow when she is approached by the Holmes’ to help find their daughter Melody. Hesitant at first, she agrees to look into the case, but makes no promises.
Upon her first day on the job, Anna follows a trail of blood and discovers the dead body of Simona, found by the train tracks not too far from the house. Her ease of finding Simona leads Anna to believe the police department is not doing their job, so she decides to take this case head on. Without the departments help, Anna leads her own investigation and begins to find more clues and even a suspect. A Tall Man visited Melody at school the day before she went missing. Anna takes this evidence to the police, yet there is still no further action on their end.
Anna is now fully obsessed with the case, but cannot fully make sense of it. Things become a little clearer when Anna learns more about Kate. A couple of years ago, Kate was thrown off a boat by her boyfriend at the time, Max Orloff. The accident was so bad it made she had amnesia, but she finally remembers what happened to her. As a result, Kate believes Max took Melody because Max believed she was pregnant at the time. However, this new information is cut short when the detectives from the department have more evidence of their own, proving Simona’s son Winton and his friend Eddie are the culprits.
Anna almost throws in the towel into she looks back at a piece of evidence she forgot about. Simona’s maid has gone missing and so has her boat. That’s how Eddie and Winston got away so quickly and off the raid air. She also learns that Sam received ransom letters, but never told anyone. She is able to trace the ransom letters to Winston. Again, the department is slow moving so Anna takes matters into her own hands. She finds her way to Nassau to find Eddie, and hopefully Max behind it all.
Anna makes it to Nassau and she is right. Max is the lead of this whole string. Winston realizes the money never cleared and blames Max for their troubles. They wait out for Max to find them. Max gets in a fight with Anna and gets the last hit giving him time to find Melody. When Max finally does, Eddie shoots Winston and holds Melody at gun point. Max finally gets the chance to hold his daughter. But Eddie has had enough, he wants his money. Anna makes it just in time to fill the room with smoke, yet the two shoot each other as the smoke dissipates. She finds Eddie dead and Max near death, and Melody nowhere in sight.
Anna drives all throughout the night looking for Melody to no avail. Until finally at the crack dawn Anna receives a call that a Priest has found Melody. Anna rushes to get her. She is alive and safe. Anna shares the news with Kate and drives Melody to the hospital. This is why she does what she does.