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Thin Ice (action/adventure)

A motorcycle racing, loose cannon LA cop quits the force and takes on a Russian gangster to save a beautiful girl from performing porn against her will, and the only way to do it is to rescue her daughter – but only after blood turns the snow red on and off the deadly motorcycle ice racing tracks of Moscow.
Short synopsis
A film in the Blockbuster style of the 1980s. Detective Danny Riggs’ relationship with the police hierarchy has always been on thin ice and no one is happier to see him leave the force than the commissioner. His leaving present from his detective buddies is a porn DVD but, watching it with a detective’s eye, he realizes the beautiful star is performing against her will. Danny returns to racing flat track motorcycles and meets impoverished Russian rider, Mikhail. Having deduced that the girl in the porn film is Russian, Danny decides to go with Mikhail to ride bikes with metal spiked tires on the dangerous ice tracks of Russia. Sparks and ice fly as Danny rides for the Moscow Black Bears and its gangster owner Viktor Karov. Eventually locating the porn star Anna and finding that her daughter is held hostage by Karov, Danny and Anna rescue her daughter from a Dacha on the edge of a frozen lake and, in a hail of bullets, speeding skidoos and a makeshift car hood sled towed by an ice racer motorcycle, they make their escape.