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Call me... 561-894-8343.. serious inquiries only

Aspiring screenwriter here.... i have created 15 original and fresh idea projects for both tv and feature film in multiple genres including but not limited to: drama, suspense, thriller, supernatural, superhero, dark comedy and comedy.

I have 4 tv shows each with multiple seasons, 1 miniseries and 10 movies. I would ultimately love to stream on Netflix (dying to pitch to them with 3 shows, 1 miniseries and 3 movies) but really I'm ready willing and able to sell to anyone!!!

I've been trying to get an agent/manager however lately it seems like I need and agent to get an agent just to get to people looking to buy new, NEW, I said New ideas because it also seems as thought lately Hollywood is just releasing remakes or reboots of the same old thing which especially hurts cause I HAVE NEW, FRESH AND ORIGINAL IDEAS!!!!!

But i wont ever give up and I'm always ready to begin!! Jimmy Duhs (pronounced Deuce) 561-894-8343... serious responses only please from either an agent or manager looking to help while making some good money or from people with buying power...... let's make some new, creative and interesting stuff that tv/movie fans of all ages have been waiting for!!!!!!!

Again, 15 projects created, tv and movies, ready to work with or pitch to Netflix and I've only just begun creating great scripts.... many, many more to come!!!!