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End Titus Series

Title : “End Titus”

Logline: Two unlikely guys, marked as blood warriors, embark on a mission to stop demons
from resurrecting an ancient warlock from hell!


My name is Delmar Burkett and I’ve written a pilot for a TV series called “End Titus” that I’d like to send your way. “End Titus” is written along the lines of such shows as: “Supernatural”, “Power Rangers”, and “The Walking Dead” .

End Titus is series that follows the main character Robert as he discovers hidden powers and an ancient story of a warrior named Titus that affects all those around him. The series combines detective work and martial arts combat action to reveal a story that begins with a decision made by Jasmine, which has repercussions in the past and the future. Jasmine’s choice affects Robert’s life in ways he doesn’t fully understand. Robert gets help from Charles, a hardened fighter, who would rather punch out an answer than wait for an explanation. Robert and Charles get assistance from others trying to solve the connection between bad things happening around the world and in their own backyard. As Charles and Robert get to understand each other, things get more complicated as they find a way to defeat the demons and spirits causing the chaos, while searching for a way to End Titus.

I believe this would make a great TV series, as I have once already made it into a web series having written, directed, acted in, and edited myself. However, this is a new version on the series I have written especially for television. I have a pilot script along with a backstory and bios of each character. Please let me know if you would like to take a look at it! In the meantime, please enjoy my older version of the web series on youtube.

Best regards,

Delmar Burkett