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Sight of the Seer

A lonely young man is befriended by an aged Prophet of God to fight evil.

Sight of The Seer is the story of a young man named Jeremiah Seyuba, a social misfit and outcast who is unable to make lasting relationships with people because of dreams and vision that have over run his life.
Things take a dramatic transformation when an old man that has plagued his dreams appears at Jeremiah's from door to enlighten on the fact that he has been selected by God to become the next modern day Prophet.
With great disbelief and apprehension Jeremiah is taken on a fanatic journey into the super natural, as Jeremiah meets and helps a young orphan lady named Betty Mulenga who for unknown reason finds herself being attacked by unknown men at a funeral.
Jeremiah and Betty must work together to uncover the sinister plans of the High Council Darkness. As they hold the key to Betty’s true identity and her origins.
As the film progresses friends and foes are introduced and relationships formed. The film deals with a host of issues such as corruption, prostitution, double standards, intimidation and extortion. While endeavoring to show that good over comes evil.