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TV Comedy 1/2 hour "Supreme Leader"

It's the year 2030 and Teller Lowder wants to be elected as Supreme Leader and his four friends from high school are on his side and everyone wants to cash in. This a parody comedy TV 1/2 hour show and I have the first episode script available for review.

Re: TV Comedy 1/2 hour "Supreme Leader"

It's the year 2030 and Teller is working at becoming Supreme Leader with the help of his good friends and the absurd seems to be working. = a better logline for the concept. Got episode 2 done and working on Episode 3 = hilarious.

Re: TV Comedy 1/2 hour "Supreme Leader"

So I did think this was just about log lines period. Today I looked around and noticed everyone added more. lol

Okay so first of all I have noted that the log line and thus the title Supreme Leader has been triggering some and peaking the interest of all and I am going with that is good. But this isn't a political comedy it's neutral as to all "ideologies" and hilarious comedy so we can all laugh.

In fact the main character Teller never gets to say his actual platform adding to the comedy and absurdity of his continued upward climb. Teller is actually a good guy but becoming Supreme Leader isn't easy and his good friends that make up his inner circle and only circle, may be his success or his downfall. Every time they think they are ruined it turns into a boost instead but it's never quite what they were shooting for. The script should be up for Episode 1 this week on Simplyscripts and Episode 2 is also done but not being posted.