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A shedload of feature and TV scripts available, a mix of low budget horror and comedy / thrillers

A shed load of feature scripts and TV series scripts available: These are the loglines:-


The Abaddon Dance: A low budget, strong female led thriller / devil worship themed horror.
Logline: Ellen’s life as a rock musician is turned upside down after a stranger hassles her in the street. Just his touch on her hand starts a horrific chain of events that leads to multiple murders.

The Party: A low budget, mainly single location gory horror story.
Logline: Sinister things happen while converting an abandoned prison to a luxury hotel, but at the opening party it gets so much worse.

Dead Phone: A a strong female role led low budget horror thriller packed with shocks and plot twists with a horrific finale.
Logline: A young mother finds an old dead phone that mysteriously sends her messages about a missing girl. Will she discover what happened or will she and her daughter suffer the same fate?

A Gift of Wood: A low / medium budget horror about voodoo blackmailers.
Logline: Moments before his death, James gives his brother Terry a Voodoo mask he’d stolen. Will its powers protect Terry when the owner comes seeking retribution?

Apollyon Hall: A low budget horror set in a single location. This is scripted with UK dialogue but easily transcribed to US.
Logline: Refurbishing a deserted guest house becomes a fight for survival for a small building team when one workman is possessed by the spirit of a murderer

The Resurrected: A Low / medium budget horror drama with strong female leads that could also be made as a streaming series. Once again, this is written in UK dialogue but is easily transcribed. It was originally written as 2 x 1 hour pilot episodes for a series.
Logline –Beautiful teenager Mary is murdered. Her body is resurrected in a sinister military experiment to create super-soldiers that can slip through time. She escapes and is hunted down. Will her new powers save her from being silenced?

MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) - A high budget comedy that parodies Trump using the ‘Dr. Strangelove’ doomsday theme. This is a co-written script with US actor David Tenenbaum, and is being currently marketed in the US.
Logline: Life and fiction blur hilariously as new POTUS Donald Dump’s trade war with China escalates. Will it end with both leaders in a cage fight… or ARMAGEDDON!

JAM (Just About Managing) - A low budget feature comedy drama in the style of the award winning ‘In The Loop.’ This is set in the corporate hotel world.
Logline: Ross works for an aggressive asset stripping hotel chain. He lives in a world of crap, stuck between both sides trying to hold things together. With the worst boss in the world on his back, he staggers from one hilarious disaster to the next, and always a fingertip away from getting the bullet.


Nematodes: a medium budget 6x1 hour series aimed at the streaming TV market. I sent you the pitch deck for this with my original approach. N.B. This is currently under development with a production company based in LA.
Logline: Imagine life in a world where all the adults are dead or dying from a disease that turns them into cannibal killers.Kids are left to somehow survive. Life is cheap. The old rules and values are gone, the new ones brutal, made worse because the kids know the killer disease kicks in when they mature. This is our world.

PEEK-A-BOO: A series based on horror / ghost / comedy horror shorts. It’s like a sketch show but using an assortment of stories from 3 minute monologues (I actor / 1 set) to 15 minute or longer stories. The stories are varied in style and content so the audience does not know what will come next. This idea is unique and was in development with a UK production company last year.

The Fakin’ News: A spoof using a parody of a US TV breakfast show (male & female anchors) linking fake news articles. This is extremely low budget rolling comedy and was being developed with an Irish production company for a streaming network. (FYI - I write for US fake news websites. I’ve had over 250 articles published and 4 collections books).

Whistleblower: A high budget near future sci-fi detective series based on my books (Whistleblower and Retribution). I have enough material for at least 24 x 45 minute episodes.
Logline: Earth is suddenly blighted with killer kids. It's Jake Redwood's job to catch and kill them. When he meets a beautiful stranger who tells him they're a symptom of something much, much worse, it's the start of a very bad week for Jake... and mankind.

The House: A very low budget series of 20-25 minute ghost & horror stories all set in the same location, a remote house. I have a pilot script for this, The Reunion.
Logline: The reunion of old house mates should be a pleasant occasion, but nothing is what it seems when these old friends sit down to dinner.

Gormanghast: A low budget US family style sitcom (Think a modern version of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’).