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Our God Commands You by Valentina Rivera Spec

Hi everyone, if anyone wants to take a read of a creepy, horror-drama after reading the logline, please let me know.
Title: Our God Commands You
Written by: Valentina Rivera
Page: 106
Genre: Horror/Drama
Logline: After moving to a new town, a young couple finds themselves thrust into a violent and spiritual war between the Catholic Church and the most Powerful Demon in Hell.
Synopsis: Unexplained multiple deaths occur in Twin Falls, Idaho pushing the community into a state of fear and panic. A young couple, Sarah and Brock arrive at the same time to start construction of their home and condos for rent. They are all unexpectedly thrown into a Dark War between the Catholic Church and the most powerful Demon in Hell. They may lose all hope, question their beliefs and doubt every inch of their faith in this uncertain Holy battle for their lives.