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TV Series logline & synopsis (mystical crime thriller)

TITLE: Sketches
FORMAT: One-hour series

LOGLINE: Once a Chicago police sergeant convinces his superiors that his “gifted” informants are reliable even though one’s gone missing, having left a stack of sketches behind, and the other one’s facing a shocking life event, the sergeant must use their nonspecific drawings of the future to peg the time and place of impending disasters.

SYNOPSIS: When Chicago’s Navy Pier is bombed by terrorists on 2018’s 4th of July, local police Sergeant Richards is beside himself with anger that he couldn’t prevent it. He had knowledge of the attack on a pencil sketch beforehand but he still failed to stop it because the sketch was missing necessary details. One of the other illustrations Jack left behind shows smoke and fire rising from a busy gate at Chicago’s O’Hare Intern’l Airport.
Sgt. Richards, via flashbacks and dialogue, remembers why came to believe his unique informant, one Jack Nelly (40, grungy, good) who suffers from PTSD and alcoholism only since fighting in the Iraq War. Richards is sure an attack on O’Hare is imminent, but knows Jack’s sketch is incomplete. He needs help. Richards is the head of a team of city detectives and must focus daily on local crimes as well. In the pilot episode, there’s a serial killer at large, but Richards’ diverse team of detectives figures out the motive and identity of the madman, leading to his arrest. The keen group of detectives consists of a Caucasian male (45, jolly, gets his car washed almost daily), a Japanese woman (26, pretty, can talk her way out of anything), and a Hispanic male (29, attractive, Motown fan).
Each episode will have a local crime to be solved and some movement toward fending off a major catastrophe that the informants draw. In the pilot, while Jack is introduced as a missing valuable informant, later, the audience learns Jack has a twin brother who shares Jack’s gift. Ben Nelly (37, quirky, laughs when things aren’t funny) the younger brother of the twins, discovers through some reliable documents, that one Nolan Reynolds (40, clean-cut, caring), a prominent successful attorney, is his other older brother. Ben ventures to find Nolan and tell him of Nolan’s brothers, but Nolan is pre-occupied with an attempted murder of his own wife by the serial killer who leaves her a coma. It is this shock to Nolan’s life that prompts him to forego his prestigious reputation in exchange for sharing his long-hidden powers and sketches. Nolan is key to solving the serial killer case due to his change of heart and decision to tell authorities what he can see. Excitingly, Nolan’s saved sketches can help Sgt. Richards make sense of Jack’s drawings!
Throughout the series, Jack’s life-saving pictures will propel the desire to find Jack, a hero of sorts. For the entire first season, it will not be revealed whether Jack is even still alive. In addition, Nolan’s desire to meet his twin brother will compel audiences to keep tuning in for such an emotional scene. These exciting moments will probably occur at different times—one at the end of a season and one at the end of the series. Until then, viewers will enjoy the funny dynamic between Nolan and Ben, and the thrill of trying to figure out the picture “puzzles” along with the team of detectives.