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Down the Rabbit Hole Logline

A classic retelling brought to the modern age. Abuse and Dreams collide. Both are truth. And both are equally terrifying. But only one leads to love.


Nyssa’s life the last few years was far from sunshine and rainbows with her ex-fiancé Nate; between his temper and punishments, it varied on the day of the week. By day she’s beaten and punished but by night she’s in the arms of the mysterious mad hatter of her dreams. Her brain is thrown for a loop when she discovers she’s pregnant on their wedding day. Catching her groom in an act of infidelity on their wedding day, Nyssa flees her life with the help of her sister, Siri. Nyssa hopes escaping to the Happy Ending Resort with Siri will be the answers to her prayers. She yearns for the love and freedom she's never known. The Happy Ending Resort isn’t just any old resort, at this resort, unexplainable things happen both good and bad. Heartbroken, she is surprised to meet the handsome Maddox but things aren't always what they seem. From the moment She and Siri arrive at the resort she meets Maddox and Jack, both handsome but as different as night is from the day.