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" BUBBLE " A Relevant Serial Drama depicting the housing bubble (2003 - 08)

To whom it may concern

Title: “Bubble”
Logline: How the real estate bubble effects the lives of several real estate professionals in Reno Nevada.

My name is Scott Mayer. I am a former science teacher/realtor and cancer survivor. Inspired by the program Breaking Bad I have created a serial drama for television called BUBBLE. Bubble combines the dramatic elements of Breaking Bad with the real estate boom of 2003 – 08. The content of the show is created to engage 30 and over demographic viewers.
During the span of the series, Jake Green the broker, curiously empathetic, surrounds himself with a motley staff of underachieving real estate professionals. Inundated by the Bubble the staff will encounter many career opportunities and life altering events. Some will wallow in ambition, greed and corruption. Others will experience success and it’s liberating effects. Finally, some will leave the business and find fulfillment in other areas of life.

The essence of the series reveals how personalities and repressed desires react with opportunities and how these interactions effect individuals in different ways.

Scott Mayer