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Witless or Hapless logline

Logline: A kidnapper on the run from the police and his ex gang members, is hell bent on pulling off a big kidnapping job that will set him up for life

My name is Segun Kayode and I’ve written a crime action drama called “Witless or Hapless” that I'd like to send your way.  Another script of mine has been produced.

"Witless or Hapless" is written along the line of "Pain and Gain" and "Tower Heist". The story is about a Kidnapper on the run from the police after he was ambushed at the drop point, he was able to escape with the money but he's gang members tried to kill him because of his current status with the law. He managed to escape with a bullet wound on his shoulder, then recruits a new associate to pull off a big kidnapping job that will set him up for life. As they set out to do the job they were interrupted the jerky associate's enemies, the police, and his ex gang members want to kill him before he gets arrested. With the series of obstacles thrown at him, he's hell bent on carrying out the job.
I believe the gripping storytelling, riveting suspense, dynamic characters and high stakes in “Witless or Hapless ” will appeal to a very wide audience. Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration.
Best regards.
Segun Kayode