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Excecratus:The Marked


My name is Nim Esperon. I am an aspiring writer looking for an agency to represent me and my ideas. I have some experience with getting my work out there as i have already published a novel,Some Blueberries, A Rockette, And A Boy Named Jerome, which sold almost two hundred copies in the first month. Below i have included the log line of my manuscript. I have also included the plot summary.

A mob boss that has been marked by a demon maneuvers his way through the underbelly of Chicago. Others that have endured his fate of being marked struggle with their day to day lives, along with the discrimination by their fellow man and society.

200 years ago, a cult of 66 people made a deal with demons. They wanted success and riches, in return the demons asked that in six generations their descendants could be used by the demons as they saw fit. In 2023, the third generation of these people live and have been marked. At the age of ten they are given a brand by a demon, and in doing so develop powers. The demons assist these children in developing these abilities and learning their limitations and rules. This story centers upon four of these people who have grown up with these abilities. The demons are using these people as experiments, while the abilities they gain are random, they’re true purpose is to be soldiers in the war against God after the Rapture. Marcus the Mimic is the main protagonist in the show and links together all of the other characters.