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Dog walk - Spy movie script available

Title - Dog walk
Genre - Spy thriller
Budget - Low/Mid

The survival of every spy depends on two simple rules – pick a side and stay in the shade, but what if just staying alive is not enough... What if you want more? Crossing the line of your duty will be easy only if there is a line…

Vinsent Fray’s life is a mess, he lives with his cheating girlfriend in a foreign country and his only true friend is his dog. He gets just enough money to pay the bills as an employee for a big US weapon company that have interests in the area. This changes as he gets an undercover job in the American Embassy at the eastern border of the European Union. He is responsible for the installation of the American air defense systems in an allied, but very sensitive area where the Cold war never ended, just morphed with the modern corporate interests. By the rules of this twisted game, Vinsent looks like an easy target, until everyone realize that he is not following the rules, simply because he’s not playing the same game. In this crazy world of the modern day spies he will have to survive in order to find the meaning of his life.