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The name is Raphael Bates, I write under R.A. Bates. I have my first book on its way to print. I'm 44 years young and married for 5 years now. My number is (573)424-1084. Enjoy my short description.

Aaron's Shadow is a suspense thriller that takes place in a small town in Missouri. It starts when Aaron takes an old dusty magicians book from the library, and comes across a ritual that if performed would allow him to do all sorts of unimaginable tricks. Curiosity gets the better of Aaron so he perform the ritual; which in return summoned the son of the devil, now a contract must be signed. Reluctant at first, but when his mother falls ill and his car is vandalized by his old high school bullies; Aaron begins to reconsider. After signing the contract, saving his mother; he's faced with only one course of action; Aaron must kill. The son of the devil gives Aaron the ability to detach his shadow and have it to do the killing for him. Once the body count begins to rise; his childhood friend Effie Baylor becomes suspicious of him. Which alternately leads to her death and others.